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We would love to hear about and see any feedback from your eco efforts and challenges or if you have any questions about how the weekly challenges work and what you need to do, please email the Eco-Challenge Team!


In the end, it’s not really about saving the plant.

It’s about saving ourselves.

David attenborough

Why it matters

The climate and nature emergency is one of the greatest challenges that humanity has ever faced. We are already seeing the effects today and we need to act now if we wish to protect the biodiversity and climate that supports our civilisation.

What is the Eco-Challenge

Some of these problems will need high level international cooperation to solve, but many are linked to the way we all live our lives. The Eco-Challenge is a series of fun and inspiring challenges and tips that help you to explore new ways to be greener and that empower you to take practical action on the climate and nature emergency.

How to play

Each challenge is worth either 10, 20, or 30 points and bonus points will be awarded for fantastic submissions.

The more points earned the higher the chance of winning prizes.

Starting your challenges

To get started you need to click on the link for the current challenge and then work through the steps at home. We recommend checking in with your colleagues to give each other tips, stay on target and to make sure you have the best chance of picking up those precious bonus points!

If you have other people in your household why not get them involved too? Many of the challenges are great fun for all the family.

When you have completed the task, contact your Eco-Challenge facilitator to let them know, so they can award you your points.

  • Really Wild Challenge

    Really Wild Challenge

    Challenge 1: Snap the nature on your doorstep Your challenge is to take a picture of amazing nature on your doorstep, either in your own garden or from a walk in your local area, parks or open spaces. This could be spring flowers, a majestic tree, animals, birds or insects. Post your snap to Twitter…Read…

  • Water and Energy Use Challenge

    Water and Energy Use Challenge

    Domestic homes use over 40% of UK energy and are responsible for 25% of the country’s CO2 emissions, contributing significantly to global warming. Water use contributes around 6% of the UK’s carbon emissions. Energy Carbon dioxide, as well as methane, soot, and other pollutants that we release into the atmosphere act like a blanket, trapping…Read…

  • Love Your Leftovers Challenge

    Love Your Leftovers Challenge

    Look in your fridge and cupboards and choose some unusual combos that you think just might work. The more adventurous the better. Do you have a recipe that could use this food? If not, have a look online for recipes with your chosen foods in them e.g. bread is great for making croutons in soup,…Read…

  • Don’t Throw It, Regrow It Challenge

    Don’t Throw It, Regrow It Challenge

    Instructions: Slice off the ends of the bulbs, leaving roots attached. Stand the bulbs root-end down in a small jar or egg cup. Add enough water to cover the roots, but leave the top edges above water. Set on a windowsill and keep the roots moist. After a few days, green shoots will emerge from…Read…

  • Reduce and Reuse Challenge

    Reduce and Reuse Challenge

    The first part of the plastic challenge is to keep a plastic diary, either for yourself, or for your entire household. Try and keep the diary for a week. Once you’ve got a better idea of how much plastic you are using then please complete the Greenpeace plastics calculator which will calculate how much plastic…Read…

  • Home Upcycling Challenge

    Home Upcycling Challenge

    A massive issue in the UK is that more than half of our recyclable waste ends up in landfill or is destroyed. 22 million small items of furniture, more than 11,000 bicycles and over 28 million toys are thrown away each year, with fewer than one in 10 people attempting to repair their broken or…Read…